Determining the true value of your property is crucial for securing the best outcome in your sale. It requires a profound understanding of the local market and thorough research.

Your local Shavin & Co Real Estate agent is here to assist you throughout the entire process of selling your home. We have the expertise and local knowledge to ensure you achieve the optimal results for your property sale.

We specialise in making the challenging aspects of property sales feel effortless, turning fears into enjoyment, and converting uncertainties into well-informed strategic decisions.

Selling your property Section

At our core, we excel in simplifying the challenging aspects, turning fear into joy, and converting the unknowns into thoughtful, well-researched strategic steps.

Ways to sell

  • Tender
  • Deadline Sale
  • Price by negotiation
  • Price
  • Auction


Our unique marketing approach elevates the profile of your property and fosters a competitive environment, all without listing a price. With the freedom to set your own terms, conditions, and deadline, prospective buyers are emotionally invested, prioritizing their most competitive bid for a single opportunity.

Deadline Sale

This method is akin to a simplified Tender process. Unlike traditional Tenders, there are no stringent terms and conditions to adhere to. Instead, the owner collaborates with their agent to set the deadline, creating a low-pressure environment that allows ample time to thoughtfully consider offers before making a decision.

Price by negotiation

Utilizing the sale by negotiation approach offers the dual advantage of maximizing buyer interest while securing a high sale price for your home. With the buyer’s focus on the property rather than just the price, this method allows you to gain valuable feedback from the market before settling on a price that satisfies you. Unlike Auctions, Tenders, and Deadline Sales, there is no specific deadline for offers, granting flexibility in the negotiation process.


When contemplating marketing your property with a set price, determining the right figure from the outset is of utmost importance. This entails leveraging market facts to gauge the most appropriate value. Over-pricing can lead to prolonged selling periods and fewer potential buyers, especially during the prime selling season. In such cases, the price may eventually need to be reduced significantly, missing out on the potential benefits of buyer competition.


An intensive, high profile auction marketing programme attracts genuinely interested, cash-in-hand buyers only. These buyers are focused on the maximum price they’ll pay, not how low their offer should be. Combined with the excitement of the big day it’s this natural level of competition that helps establish the price on the day.

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